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A guide to Chance glassware
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Related Links

A few links that should prove helpful to anyone interested in Chance glass, or just glass collecting in general. Please note we do not generally accept commercial sites unless they offer value to the visitor, such as technology, data, histories for example.

General glass links

Michael Harris assocations
  • Artius Glass - Official Secondary Market Specialists to Isle of Wight Studio Glass
  • Isle of Wight Studio Glass - Calypto designer Michael Harris' son and wife continue the tradition!
  • Mdina - Michael Harris' former company from 1968-72
  • Gozo Glass - Established in 1989 by Michael Harris, and still continuing as art glass maker.
  • Higgins Glass - Fused/Slumped Glass maker, USA
  • Peter Tysoe - designer and creator of all the patterns and shapes, c.1969-1970
  • Pip's Trip - Online store with some choice Chance items
  • Style & Design - Online shopping & specialist encyclopedia on glass
  • Design Glassware - Contemporary Russian art glass supplier, with section on slumped glass.
  • Glassmaking in London - A new site from David C Watts, author of The History of Glassmaking in London.
  • Nigel Benson - British 20th Century Glass

Chance-related links

  • Taking Chances - the 'Chance Encounters' part of the project, with reminiscences of former workers.

Chance Technology


Science & Society - LighthouseHistory Sites

Birmingham Forum - A discussion forum for anything related to Birmingham

Science & Society - a great picture library reflecting a bygone age. Small images are downloadable from the site, and a small fee covers reproduction or web use.

Above: A typical lighthouse assembly by Chance Brothers.
Photo © Science & Society

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