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A guide to Chance glassware
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Chance Floral Patterns

Floral (1961-72) Floral (1973-81+) Pop & Modern Floral
Mermaid Rose (1963)
Anemone (1965-)
Silhouette (1967, pict.)
Summer (1967, 4 styles)
Royal Bride (1968)
Clematis (1971)
Elegance (1971)
Sovereign Rose (1972)
Yellow Rose (1972-)

Dahlia (1973)
Blossom (1975)
Viola (1976)
Summer Melody (1978)
Bouquet (1979, 4 styles)
Yasmin (1981)
Country Lane ()
Wild Rose ()

Silhouette (1967)
Citrus Fruits (c.1970)
Columbine (1974)
Lotus (1974)

A page cataloguing Chance Fiestaware 'floral' designed patterns (work in progress). Compiled with the help of Max, Anne, Anne B, Sue, Robbo and Tony H from Other data was sourced from Lesley Jackson's 20th Century Factory Glass and Smethick Heritage Centre Trust (SHCT).

Those patterns showing the 'F' logo indicate these have also been noted with a 'Fiesta Glass' label (hence 1981 or later).
SHCT = Smethwick Heritage Centre Trust

Floral Designs
dating from 1960 to the 1970s

Anemone (Harris)
( 1965-)

shown on white
Thanks to Anne Nichols
Thanks to Anne Bennett
shown on white
photo © Anne Nichols
shown on white
photo © Anne Nichols

A range of four different patterns possibly created from a single transfer and adapted to fit smaller items.
A range of four different patterns, ofte nmixed, and adapted to fit smaller items. Thanks to Maggie Tyrrell

c.1963 "printed in lemon & green" and the first full colour design.

Mermaid Rose Yellow Rose
shown on white, also Sovereign Rose in red
Wild Rose
photo © Maggie Tyrrell
Rose Bouquet
photo courtesy SHCT
Summer Melody
photo courtesy SHCT
Later colour variation by
Thanks to Sue Marshall
photo courtesy SHCT
shown on white

Country Lane
photo courtesy SHCT
photo © Maggie Tyrrell
photo courtesy SHCT
Royal Bride
photo courtesy SHCT

Silhouette Bamboo
photo © Maggie Tyrrell
elegant white and gold design on ivory back. Only used to decorate one corner of plate
versions featuring red, white and yellow backgrounds. Oriental appearance


Modernist Floral Designs
dating from 1970 to the 1980s

Lotus, c.1974
photos © Pip's Trip
UK eBay Shop
Columbine, c.1974
three variants: blue, green/red & orange/yellow
middle photo courtesy SHCT, thanks to Jane for the last photo

Columbine (above)

The Columbine pattern was designed and produced exclusively for the Boots Chemist company c.1974 to be sold exclusively by them through their outlets. According to their 1974 Home Ornaments and Gifts Christmas Bulletin (intended for staff), the Decorative Glass section lists a "Fluted Plate, Coloumbine, 'Chance'" having a price of £1.13.

Other Chance items sold by Boots at this time were all from the 'Yellow Rose' range: Oval Savoury Server (99p), Candle Holder (£1.10), Fluted Plate (£1.25), Sandwich Tray (£1.40), and from 'Lotus': Fluted Plate (£1.13).

With many thanks to Anita Logue, Assistant Archivist, Boots Group PLC

Canterbury, c.1973
in red & turquoise (see below)
photos © Pip's Trip - UK eBay Shop

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